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Custom Orthotics, Shoes and Stockings


HMWIC utilizes advanced computerized scanning technologies to determine the optimum solution for people experiencing common foot problems. Bunions, hammertoes, fallen arches or just tired aching feet, our staff of skilled fitting professionals provide solutions with a broad range of footwear and the most innovative arch supports and custom orthotics on the market today.


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What is T.E.N.S? Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (T.E.N.S.) is a drug-free method of pain relief that is used to treat a wide variety of painful conditions.

TENS uses electrical impulses to stimulate the nerve endings at or near the the site of pain, diminishing the pain and replacing it with a tingling or massagelike sensation.

TENS has been used by patiens with muscular pain, osteoarthrtitis, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, pain after surgery and other conditions.

T.E.N.S Units


Obus Forme Backrest Supports


The Uniquly designed ObusForme Seat evenly distributes body weight and encourages proper alignment of the pelvis and thighs for extended sitting comfort. Cushions your tailbone, sitting bones, and thighs to help alleviate pressure points and assist circulation. Polyurethane foam absorbs compression and dissipates vibration created in moving vehicles.

Ideal for periods of prolonged sitting and for helping with pressure sores. Lightweight and portable for use in home, office, vehicle, wheelchair or anywhere you sit




A Custom-fitted back brace is designed to stabilize and correct various areas of the spinal column. These are commonly used for individuals with compression fractures of the lower thoracic and upper lumbar spine.

Custom-fitted back braces are used to alleviate pain, reduce the chance of further injury, prevent deformity and compensate for muscle weakness.

Custom-Fitted Back Braces


Custom Knee Braces


Why do I need a custom knee brace? Wearing a custom knee brace means maximum support is applied where you need it most. A brace that fits your exact measurements ensures maximum protection and comfort during movement.

By wearing a brace that is custom fitted to your knee, you can walk or play your favourite sport with confidence knowing that you’re less likely to re-injure your knee.




Walkers, Rollators and other walking equipment help in rehabilitating injured users and allow users with permanent disabilities the ability to move without aid.

Walkers with & without wheels: Great way for individuals with injuries or disabilities to get around. Better support than a rollator.

Rollators: Rolling Walkers make walking a smoother process however since they have wheels they require the user to be stable enough to not let the walker get away.





For people with mobility problems, people recovering from injuries, and people recovering from surgery, commode chairs are more than convenient, they are necessary. There are many types of commode chairs, ranging from shower chair commodes, portable commodes, and drop arm commodes.

Commode chairs serve a variety of purposes beyond their typical use. They can be used in the bathroom to serve as extra support at the toilet and sink. They can also be used for extra support while in the shower.




Water Pillow: Adjust the support level that is perfect for you simply by adding water. Whether you prefer soft, medium or firm comfort, the therapeutic water pillow can be customized to fit your needs.

Memory Foam Pillow: Ergonomically designed to gently cradle your head and neck with superior comfort and support. Ideal for back and side sleepers that regularly experience neck pain or shoulder tension.

Therapeutic Pillows


Ultramatic Adjustable Beds


In order to have a good night's rest and wake up feeling refreshed and energetic, your mattress must provide both comfort and support.

Ultramatic mattresses offer a range of features and options, so you can choose the model that best suits your particular needs and taste.


Prescriptions for any of the above Medical Devices can be provided by our MD's for insurance claim purposes.


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